‘Tis the season to get married and The Annex is sharing our favorite do’s and don’ts for your holiday-time weddings in November and December!

November Wedding – There’s a cornucopia of reasons to wed during the Thanksgiving season!

It is the month of giving thanks and there is nothing to be more grateful for than love and family. Autumn is quickly becoming the new wedding season as well, inspiring brides to choose plums, scarlets, and oranges into their wedding palettes. The gorgeous changing of the leaves is a beautiful symbol for making a big change in our lives and celebrating the blessings all around us. What better time to marry the love of your life?


  1. Schedule your special day with Black Friday in mind. An early November wedding gives you the chance to reap the harvest of your gift registry discounts! Most registries grant soon-to-be newlyweds a discount on the items they put on their registry but don’t get as gifts for six months to a year after the wedding. That means you can go in and snag those dream items at a fraction of the tag price. Do that during Cyber Monday or Black Friday sales, and you and your honey can save a great deal of cash that can be used, say, for the honeymoon? Hello, double savings! A wedding in early November also means guests will be less fatigued by the holidays and more eager for wedding events.
  2. Use seasonal decor! White pumpkins, gold-painted leaves, and burgundy dresses can all make your wedding classy, unique, and memorable. Bring some of the outdoors in to create a warm, fall fling and keep guests in the holiday spirit.
  3. Add the flavors of fall to your wedding feast. Pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger, and pecan – these warm, homey flavors will add a sweet and earthy touch and leave your guests smiling and skipping through the leaves.


  1. Honeymoon after Thanksgiving. You’ll rake in the deals from off-season deals on travel and still be home for the holidays if you honeymoon before this date! Airports get insanely busy and chaotic during the holidays through New Years. Avoid the crowds & slip into your honeymoon without the food coma from all that turkey!

December Wedding – A whimsical winter wonderland is the perfect backdrop for your perfect day!


  1. Give your guests as much notice as possible with save-the-date cards! December is notoriously the busiest month of the year and nearly everyone has plans that fill the calendar rather quickly!
  2. Consider that vendors may charge more during this time because of having to pay staff over-time during the holidays.
  3. Carefully incorporate holiday decor with an elevated class. Use white Christmas lights to add to the romance, candles and blankets will add the warmth and coziness, and ornaments as wedding favors can be personalized and sweet.
  4. Use the natural beauty of winter for wedding photos! Snow and pines make for a stunning backdrop and add great lighting for close-ups!


  1. Be surprised if there are many more declines on rsvp’s than there would if it were not a holiday-time wedding. This may work in your favor, in cutting down the guest list and having on the most important people see you on your special day.
  2. Cliche your wedding by using red and green as your colors. There are a host of other gorgeous winter-time colors that would be perfect, but red and green together should be used sparingly as it has been done and overdone.
  3. Don’t play major holiday music at the reception. You want guests to feel like they are celebrating your love for each other, not attending a fancy holiday party.