How many hours does the rental last?

Your rental will last 15 hours and is from 9 am – 12 am with our standard venue rental. We also have a small wedding package, which includes 4 hours of rental time. All cleanup must be completed and guests and personal belongings, décor and other items removed by the end of the rental.

Can I arrive early?

You can only come as early as when your rental starts (typically 9 am). The venue gates will be open but the doors to the venue will not be unlocked until 9 am. Even if you see our staff on-site, please understand they are preparing the space for the day and need that time to ensure everything is just right for you.

Can I come the day before my wedding to set up?

We offer a “2 day rental” option for an additional fee, but that is subject to availability. We ensure each client has exclusive use of the venue and grounds the day of the event.

Can any extra décor, linens or items be picked up the next morning?

All supplies, décor and personal items must be removed from the Chapel, suites and reception hall by 12 am the day of your event. If lodging is purchased, you may keep your items in your room but all items in the above locations must still be removed to allow for our cleaning company to clean and sanitize for the next event.

Can any vehicles be left at the venue overnight and be picked up the following day?

If anyone is unable to remove their vehicle, please make them aware that our gates are locked when our team members leave. We highly recommend that they make arrangements prior to the event so they do not have to leave their vehicle behind. However, in the event that occurs, please contact the venue the following day either via email or phone to arrange for entry prior to visiting the venue.

Can I rehearse at the venue prior to my wedding day?

You are welcome to take advantage of our “2 day rental” option for an added fee (subject to availability). However, most clients choose to rehearse the processional and details the day of the wedding.

Can I bring food for the rehearsal if it is on another day other than the wedding day?

No food is allowed during the rehearsal as it is kept to a maximum time frame of 90 minutes.

Can I do a final walk-thru before my wedding?

Yes! We schedule Final Planning Meetings with each client 30 days or less before the wedding date. These meetings are about 90 minutes long and serve as a clear outline for both parties (venue & client) as to how the wedding day will flow. You may utilize this time to do a final walk-thru with your coordinator or other important members to the wedding party.

Can I hang décor on the wall?

Yes, but you must use command strips. Nails, tacks or tape are prohibited.

Can I use sparklers for my exit?

Yes, sparklers are allowed. However, we must issue a final approval due to burn bans in our area. If sparklers are approved, you must provide a flame retardant bucket filled with sand large enough to put the sparklers out in. If this is not provided on the day of the wedding, we reserve the right to deny use of the sparklers.

Can I have candles with real flame as décor items?

Yes, they must be in a glass container and the glass must be higher than the top of the flame.

Can I use glitter/confetti/rose petals at my wedding?

Glitter, confetti and artificial rose petals are not allowed because they are not biodegradable and cannot be properly cleaned up. Real rose petals ARE allowed, but they must be white to prevent staining the floor.

Do you have an outdoor ceremony space?

Yes, we have a beautiful pergola outside of our chapel in the wooded area. We ask that you contact a rental facility for outdoor seating as our Chivari chairs cannot be used outside.

Do you have any vendors I am required to use?

Yes! We only require you to use two vendors: Rum Runners ACS for bar needs and Grimes County for security. We will contact Grimes County and book officers for your event. Please see our preferred vendor form for contact information for Rum Runners.

Am I allowed to bring in other vendors of my choosing?

Yes! We have carefully selected vendors from our past experiences and organized them on our preferred vendor form. We highly recommend you check them out first. However, you are allowed to bring in other vendors outside of that list. We do require vendors to be properly insured. If they do not have insurance, they may be prevented from offering their services at our venue.

Can my caterer cook in the venue’s kitchen?

No. We have a prep/catering kitchen only. Which means all food must be prepared off-site. No food may go down our sinks either.

Do you have an all-inclusive package?

Yes! We partner with My All Inclusive Wedding to offer all-inclusive services. Please contact us through our contact form for more information on this and other packages that we offer.