Congrats! You’re engaged and get to marry the love of your life. Thus begins the endless to-do’s and wedding planning conundrums. One of the very first things every new bride-to-be must decide is her wedding colors! This is an exciting step, but can also be a very hard decision. But don’t worry! The Annex has got you covered.

The Wedding Feels

To pick your wedding colors you have to decide what feel you want your wedding to have: bold, soft, glamorous, or whimsical. The atmosphere you hope to create will be most impacted by your wedding color choice. It will undoubtedly give your wedding that personal touch that helps to communicate the ‘feel’ you want for your big day. Choose from the pastels for the sweet, soft look, or pick a red and black combo for a classic formal affair. Your wedding colors also reflect how you want to portray who you are as a couple to the world. Are you light-hearted and playful, or sexy and serious? Canary yellow is bright, happy, and hopeful. Plum purple will leave you feeling mysterious and regal. No matter what atmosphere you hope to create, The Annex is the perfect canvas in any of our versatile venue options.

Finding Inspiration

Inspiration for your color palette is all around you, if you know where to look! Why not go for your favorite colors if they pair well together! Or gain inspiration from something special you shared, such a vacation you both loved or colors of your alma maters. Begin building a wedding or pinterest board with pictures to give you inspiration! Maybe you are wearing your grandmother’s deep blue necklace, or your engagement ring pops with color itself. Whatever your wedding colors, they must be compatible with the more sentimental parts of the wedding.

Things to Consider

Your wardrobe isn’t the only place your wedding colors have to be compatible and apt. The first and most important thing you book is your wedding venue and this can drastically impact what colors you choose.

  1. Know what looks good on your bridal party and in pictures. Does your new sister-in-love have a flushed face? Maybe don’t put her in bright cherry red. Does green bring out the color in your eyes? Opt for a forest green that will turn all eyes on you. Want your dress to really stand out? Choose the darker of your wedding colors for your bridal party to wear so that your gown is the highlight in every photo.
  2. What season are you getting married in? Are the fall leaves going to add a touch of warmth to your wedding palette? Does the springtime get you excited about light pinks or soft blues? Is it close to New Years and you want to bring in some glitter, pop, and fizz? Your ideal color in your favorite flower may be out of season on your wedding day, too. You may have to pick and choose what you will compromise on. If you want beautiful sunflowers to bring that yellow country theme home but they’re out of season, you may want to pick a different color to match your theme. Want deep velveting roses but they’re out of season? Decide on a colored flower that will be fresh and beautiful on your special day.
  3. Choose colors that compliment the venue space because quite simply, you can dress up the space, but you cannot change it. If you’re getting married in the woods in winter, the entire wedding party will melt into the snowy backdrop if you ask them to wear a light blush or cream. If your venue has dated, orange carpet you may want to consider not choosing hot pink as a color, even if it’s your favorite, to avoid having too many bold colors.

Thus, we cannot emphasize the importance of choosing a versatile and accommodating venue space that can suit any style. At The Annex, our gorgeous reception hall and outdoor patio can bring any vision you have for your wedding to life with precision and elegance. So, maybe you chose a wine burgundy color with gold accents and greenery for a rustic warm feel, or maybe a soft grey-lavender combination for a garden wedding. Our olive tree orchard serves as your perfect backdrop for outdoor ceremonies. If you want a modern, edgy feel or a classic white wedding, our venue’s timeless facilities will serve as the ideal location to make you and the wedding party “pop.” Which brings us to…

Contrast Contrast Contrast

Think about how those colors will be represented in your wedding. If every color you pick in your palette are springtime pastels, you may need some contrast to add dimension and intrigue in your venue and in your space. If every color you chose is darker – deep blue, deep gray, deep purple – you may need to lighten it up with some lighter hues. We suggest having three main colors: light, medium, and contrast colors, with one being an “accent” color (light blush, rose gold, and navy blue, for example). The idea is to create depth within the aesthetics of your wedding day to ensure no perfect detail is lost in a sea of block colors.

Whatever colors you choose, your wedding is sure to be a beautiful and happy day!

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